Childhood memories in Fife and a passion for science fiction

Memories of his childhood hometown along with UFO sightings in the Kingdom have inspired a former Fife man to publish his first science fiction book for adults.
Dr Robert Bernard with his new book Beyond Dark Matter.Dr Robert Bernard with his new book Beyond Dark Matter.
Dr Robert Bernard with his new book Beyond Dark Matter.

Dr Robert Bernard has put pen to paper to write ‘Beyond Dark Matter’, a dystopic fiction book which centres on the friendship between the main characters – and Bob telling Addy about space and his ‘star friends’.

Bob also has a chance to meet the aliens and their starship, learning about their advanced ways.

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The behavioural psychologist explained where the idea came from: “I am very fond of science fiction.

“The main reason for writing the book was a combination of that plus memories of my childhood in Bowhill, and actual and continuous sightings of UFO’s in Fife. “

Dunfermline-born Robert started taking notes for the book just over two years ago.

He said: “I hope the book will raise the profile of Bowhill.

“It is a great little town that has great history – for example a very reputed story is that a king of France gave the name jamphlars to the area where the golf course is, due to the area being covered by winbushes that have yellow flowers (jaune fleur).

“And not forgetting, the sightings of UFO’ in the area ...”

Dr Bernard, who now lives in China, revealed what he hopes to achieve: “I aimed to create a good science fiction story - with some focus on how we are treating our planet, with regards to the consequences of our action or inactions.”

Beyond Dark Matter is available from Amazon.

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