Call for action over Potterton traffic issues

Concerns were raised over the volume and speed of HGV traffic approaching the village.Concerns were raised over the volume and speed of HGV traffic approaching the village.
Concerns were raised over the volume and speed of HGV traffic approaching the village.
Councillors have called for action to be taken in a bid to tackle traffic issues around Milton of Potterton.

Four Formartine members submitted a member promoted issue relating to the volume and speed of HGV traffic on the roads approaching the village following the opening of the AWPR.

They raised concerns that vehicles were driving at “inappropriate” speeds and claimed the new road had created pressures at Potterton.

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The matter was considered by the Formartine area committee last week.

Councillor Jenny Nicol noted that the road currently has a 60mph limit but also has sharp bends as well as no streetlights, pavements or crossings. Verges along the road network have also been damaged.

She expressed concern that huge HGV lorries take up the width of the road, making it difficult for other vehicles to pass.

She said the safety issues made it impossible for local residents to safely walk or cycle along the route.

However the council’s roads team said it didn’t support the issue and had no specific concerns about the stretch of road.

But they did suggest carrying out a traffic survey that would give a better indication of the amount of vehicles using the road and their speeds.

John Hopkins, who has lived in Potterton for more than 30 years, voiced his concerns to the committee.

He told councillors that roads in the area had been a problem due to fast traffic and HGVs, and went on to say the current stretch is “not up to standard”.

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Mr Hopkins said that signs and road markings in place “do not work”, while “numerous” requests for quarry traffic to use other routes have been unsuccessful.

He also told the committee that a site visit was carried out by council officers in April 2021.

The community was told money would be found in the budget to sort the problem.

However 16 months on, nothing has changed – but three accidents have been recorded.

Mr Hopkins suggested the speed limit on roads surrounding Potterton be reduced to 30mph and a weight restriction be enforced that would ban larger lorries.

Fellow resident Jane Parker said it was “very stressful” living near the busy rural road.

She said that during construction of the AWPR, HGV lorries were a “nightmare” and would sometimes meet head-on.

She added: “In the ten years I had a horse here, I could never ride along the road to access tracks or fields as without a doubt we both would have been badly injured or worse.”

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While Kenneth Badenoch said the increase in traffic was “unsustainable and creating concerning safety issues”.

He added: “It’s not a question of will there be another accident, but when and how serious is it going to be?”

Following a two-hour debate on the matter, members agreed to start a review process to address the issue.

During the review, officers will be asked to assess the need for a review of the current speed limit and the need for revenue works to progress including a site and speed survey.

Councillors asked that engagement be carried out with local stakeholders and members of the Potterton community, and for Police Scotland to be involved too.

They also said this could be the chance to find out if there is a need for restrictions on the road that could spell the end for HGVs.

It is hoped that opportunities for active travel will be made available through the review that will lead to an improved environment for residents and create safer walking and wheeling routes.

The report is expected to come before the committee at a later date.

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