Bumper baby show for Peterhead Scottish Week

Judges had an incredibly difficult decision to make in each of the categories for last week's Scottish Week Bonny Baby competition.

The event was held at the town’s Palace Hotel and the title of Bonniest Baby for 2022 went to Che Donaldson.

Results were as follows:

3-6 months – 1 William Lorimer, 2 Ty Robertson, 3 Cali Brown.

Winners in the 3-6 months age group.

6-9 months – 1 Cass McKendrick 2 Heidi Douglas, 3 Alex Park.

9-12 months – 1 Ausatin Smith, 2 Blu Lawrence, 3 Emily Robertson.; 12-15 months – 1 Che Donaldson, 2 Harley Ellis, 3 Killian Woods.

15-18 months – 1 Jospeh McAleese 2= Garbriella Middleton, Holly Reid, 3 Hailey Thorne.

3-6 months – bonniest smile (Willliam Lorimer), trendiest baby (Cass McKendrick), brightest eyes (Alexa Beagrie); 12-18 months – bonniest smile (Maisie Alexander) trendiest baby (Killian Woods), brightest eyes (HUgo Ian Deeming).

Winners in the 6-9 months group.
Winners in the 9-12 months goup.
Overall winner for 2022 Che Donaldson with the Buchan Queen and Princesses
The 12-18 month category winners
The 12-15 months age group winners.
The 15-18 months winners
The 3-12 months category winners