From Bellenden Gardens to Slack Bottom Road: Scottish brothers’ rude road trip

It was a meticulously mapped out journey dreamed up over six years - and certainly not for any prudish travellers.

Andy, left, and Magnus Tait, right, on their rude tour of Britain. Picture: SWNS
Andy, left, and Magnus Tait, right, on their rude tour of Britain. Picture: SWNS

Beginning in Edinburgh’s Bellenden Gardens, two mischievous brothers drove 2,000 miles on an epic ‘Rude Trip’ of Britain - visiting every place with a naughty name.

Magnus Tait, 32, from the Capital, and his brother Andy, 34, from Aberdeen, tallied up the likes of Slack Bottom Road, Slutshole Lane and Shitterton on their adventure.

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The men spent four days on the road and took a selfie at 34 street, town or village signs, mapped out by Andy over six years.

The pair embarked on their epic rude trip with the ambition of taking a photo at the most oddly named towns and villages. Picture: SWNS

He dreamed up the idea after he drove past a place called South Gash, in Fraserburgh, in 2013 with Magnus.

Andy, an audio engineer, said he could not help but laugh at the signpost and ever since had researched the location of other humorously named places.

He said: “I always enjoy going out of my way to have fun and to take things too far.

“It was a lot of fun and we actually saw a lot of interesting places.

From start to finish at Bellenden Gardens, in the Inch. Picture: SWNS

“It was a bit of a slog towards the end and it was dark when we got to some places. But never at any point did we get bored.

“I’d say it’s definitely an alternative was to see Britain. We just found it hilarious. We laughed our asses off at each place and that says a lot about us.”

Andy and software developer Magnus set off on their journey from Bellenden Gardens, in The Inch, on Friday morning.

They arrived back in the same street at 1.30am on Tuesday.

Andy had chipped away at planning his route on a monthly basis over the six years, before finally packing up a few belongings, snacks for the road and cash for fuel.

He said the trip saw them visit some of the country’s prettiest places.

The most picturesque for him were Poundbottom and Sandyballs in the New Forest.

But his favourite, based on the hilarity of its name, was Wilsford Cum Lake.

Andy’s route was so well mapped out that it only took the pair between 60 and 90 minutes to drive between each stop.

He said: “We went right down the west coast, along the south coast and up the east coast of England.

“We have got a childish and immature sense of humour.

“This is something we can tick off our bucket list.”

The places the brothers visited: Bellenden Gardens, Cumwhinton, Cocklakes Cotehill, Cockermouth, Clithero, Fanny Street, Slack Bottom Road, Upperthong, Penistone, Butthole Lane, Willey, Titty Ho, Bell End, The Knob, Lower Swell, Old Sodbury, Butcombe, Shaftesbury, Shitterton, Sandyballs, Pound Bottom landfill, Cocking, Lickfold, S. Harting, Wilsford Cum Lake, Fingringhoe, Slutshole Lane, Feltwell, Fanny Hands Lane, Scunthorpe, Rimswell, Wetwang, Coxhoe and back to Bellenden Gardens.

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