Barra Airport Cafe slams '˜worst ever customers'

An airport cafe in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland has hit out at the 'worst coach party ever'.
Barra Airport. Picture: TSPLBarra Airport. Picture: TSPL
Barra Airport. Picture: TSPL

Bosses at Barra Airport Cafe say an unannounced tour group were “rude,” “demanding” and “thoroughly miserable” to its staff.

In an angry post to Facebook, the coach group were also branded “ill-mannered” for complaining about service at the cafe and warned they should “be nice or go home” in future.

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The post reads: “We were sad to witness the worst unannounced coach party ever, some were rude, demanding and thoroughly miserable.

The Facebook post by the airport.The Facebook post by the airport.
The Facebook post by the airport.

“Apparently we SHOULD keep our soup on the heat all day and “learn” to make coffee quicker,” the post continued.

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“If you want fast, mass produced food, you are in the wrong place. These people jostled and pushed plane passengers and our local regulars out the way. Some of our customers trying to eat lunch, were physically bumped whilst eating and they told us how shocked and appalled they were at the ill mannered behaviour.

“I hope you read this and reflect upon your attitudes and are truly ashamed of yourselves. We welcome customers who are not in a rush & appreciate good food, good coffees & good service with a smile...remember you are on holiday on a beautiful nice or go home!”

The Facebook post by the airport.The Facebook post by the airport.
The Facebook post by the airport.

The post was shared 300 times and liked more than four thousand times after being posted in Edinburgh.

Brian Whitters welcomed the response by the cafe, commenting: “Best staff in the universe. Great fun at the cafe, whatever wait there might’s worth it....the wait allows the guests to actually talk to each other....a skill sadly lacking in a lot of ignorant people.”

Kathleen Mackenzie added: “Very very well said, good to see such support for I’m sure hard working and by the sounds of things young staff.”