Banff and Buchan MP backs move for online supermarket 'buy British' tab

Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid has signed an open letter from more than 100 MPs calling on supermarkets to highlight British produce online.

Citing support for farmers, consumer choice and the environmental benefit of promoting domestic production, the letter asking supermarket bosses to implement a "buy British" section is supported by 110 cross-Party MPs.

The MPs say the change could be achieved quickly, with many shops already labelling products made in the UK.

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In a recent survey carried out by the National Farmers Union (NFU), 61% of respondent farmers stated the supply chain and market volatility have negative impacts on their mental health, with 80% of dairy farmers in a second survey citing cash flow and profitability as key factors which throw the future of their business into doubt.

​David Duguid MP wants supermarkets to highlight British produce online.​David Duguid MP wants supermarkets to highlight British produce online.
​David Duguid MP wants supermarkets to highlight British produce online.

Farmers face an expensive harvest as domestic weather records as well as high import costs for energy, fuel and fertiliser threaten positive yields and profits. The open letter champions the work of Britain's farmers in ensuring food security, supporting strong local economies and preserving and protecting the environment, while empowering the public to be able to make easy choices in how they shop for their food.

Scottish Conservative MP Mr Duguid said: “In recent years, supermarkets have got better at letting people know where their food is coming from in shops. That allows people to make informed choices about sustainability and supporting local food production, according to their needs and budget.

“But that becomes much harder when doing online shopping, and the growing prevalence of home delivery and ‘click and collect’ means there is an opportunity here.

“Farmers work so hard to produce food for our dinner table, and the 'Buy British' section is an easy and accessible way for the public to support them.

"A buy British section is a simple change for any retailer. It would increase local demand by emphasising our homegrown food over imports — while still giving customers the flexibility of choosing other products if they want.That will have significant environmental and commercial benefits, as well as showing our farmers the public are keen to shop local.”