Banff and Buchan MP backs legislation to give long unpaid carers more support in employment

David Duguid MP has backed a Bill in Parliament to give long term unpaid carers more support in employment.

David Duguid MP has backed the new law.
David Duguid MP has backed the new law.

The Carer's Leave Bill would give carers the right to a minimum of a week's unpaid leave from employment.

Mr Duguid, who is the Banff and Buchan MP and sat on the committee for the Bill, supports the move and said the change would make a significant difference to the lives of unpaid carers.

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The Bill will provide employees with the statutory right of at least one additional week of unpaid leave during any period of 12 months to provide or arrange care for a dependant with a long-term care need.

Carers UK found that 75% of carers worry about juggling work and care.

M Duguid said: “I was glad to sit on the committee for this very important bill which has cross-party support.

“Carers Leave will make a significant difference to unpaid carers’ lives, helping them stay in work and improving wellbeing by giving them time off to attend appointments and arrange or provide care.

“The sad reality many people face is that they don’t realise they can be classified as carers and I hope this bill will change this stigma for the better.

“Not all employers need to be told about the importance of allowing leave for those who have to care for a loved one but unfortunately not all are as flexible.

“As well as supporting families, it also makes business sense, helping retain skilled employees who might otherwise feel forced to give up work.”