Amy’s army of Bowhouse boys and girls get ready for Grangemouth Children’s Day

This year’s Grangemouth Children’s Day Queen will follow in the footsteps of her aunties when the big day comes around this summer.

Bowhouse Primary School P6 pupil Amy Meichan (10) has an aunt who was a past Children’s Day Queen and another who was a lady-in-waiting.

Amy, who is already learning her all important speech for this year’s event, said her parents were “really excited” when they heard the good news.

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And preparations are also underway for Amy’s arch, which will follow the theme of “Fantasy Land”.

The conscientious primary six pupil is obviously looking forward to everything about Children’s Day in the town’s historic Zetland Park on Saturday, June 20, but she also cannot wait to fulfil her subsequent role as queen.

“I’m looking forward to the community work, like bag packing events and things like that,” she said.

Amy’s Fantasy Land arch is just one of the colourful designs which will be on display on the ever popular Arch Patrol the Friday night before Children’s Day.

A multitude of magical ideas floating around the minds of Amy’s royal retinue.

Disney is always popular and P4 pupils Isabella Chalkley (8) and Kara Oliver (8) are opting for Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast creations, while P3 Lily Haston (7) opted for Mexican musical Coco and P5 Sophie Thomson (9) loves Buzz, Woody and the wonderful world of Toy Story.

Tech savvy P3 Bonnie MacDonald (7) is paying tribute to You Tube, sweet toothed P6 Calli Robb (10) will be creating her very own ice cream shop, while fellow P6s Alyssa Morrison (10) will be showing people all her favourite things with Allysa-themed arch and Alicia Russell (10) goes to the movies with her cinema arch.

Superheroes feature in the Avengers design of P2 Mason McKeever (6), while another P2 Zack Williams will be blasting off into the Star Wars galaxy.

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P7 Ross Ballantine (11), P6 Sophie Hyndman (10) and P7 Rhys Marchi (11) are taking inspiration from the world of sport with their Euro 2020, gymnastics and WWE wrestling arches.

Two members of the entourage, P1 Abigail Clark (5) and P5 Emily Gray (9) are keeping their arch ideas under wraps at the moment.

Grangemouth Children’s Day Royal Retinue for 2020:

Amy Meichan (Queen)

Calli Robb and Alyssa Morrison (Maids of Honour)

Isabella Chalkley, Emily Gray, Lily Haston, Sophie Hyndman, Bonnie MacDonald, Kara Oliver, Alicia Russell and Sophie Thomson (Ladies in Waiting)

Abigail Clark (Flower Girl)

Mason McKeever and Zack Williams (Page Boys)

Ross Ballantine (Herald)

Rhys Marchi (Courtier)

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