Alesha MacPhail's gran: 'pathetic' locals who want memorial bench moved should be ashamed

The grandparents of Alesha MacPhail have slammed locals who want a memorial bench moved - over claims it's scaring children into thinking they'll be murdered.

The bench was put up in honour of Alesha MacPhail.
The bench was put up in honour of Alesha MacPhail.

Gran Mary Lochrane was outraged at the news people wanted the bench in Rothesay, Isle of Bute, to be moved.

It comes after claims it was frightening children emerged at a community council meeting.

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The pink bench, featuring unicorn designs and Alesha's name, is situated at Children's Corner on Rothesay's promenade.

The pink bench, featuring unicorn designs and Alesha's name, is situated at Children's Corner on Rothesay's promenade.

But at a meeting of the Bute Community Council last month chairwoman Marlene Hill said some island residents had requested that the bench be moved.

Mary Lochrane raged at those who complained describing them as "sad sick pathetic people".

In a post on social media, she said: "There are people in Rothesay (only certain ones) who should be totally ashamed to call themselves human beings.

"They are now complaining about our wee Princesses Bench and want it moved. Sad sick pathetic people that's all you are.

"A memorial Bench is being donated by one of the local businesses in Coatbridge/Airdrie and I guarantee you not one person here will complain as we have a heart and respect our fallen

Angels from here and totally respect our Angel.

"So get a life and stop claiming its upsetting children when in actual fact they don't want outsiders visiting the island to pay their respects to our Angel and they just want to sweep it under the carpet.

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"And let me ask you idiots that are moaning this What If It Was One Of Yours would you complain then I f*****g doubt it.

"Leave it where it is you sad pathetic low life scum as not everyone on the Island wants it moved.

"This is how sick some of the people over there are Sad pathetic excuses for human beings."

An extract from minutes at the community council meeting held on June 19 reads: "Marlene Hill said she has been asked by a few parents if it is possible that the pink bench could be

moved, as it is upsetting small children, because some of them think that someone will come into their house and murder them.

"Marlene Hill said the pink bench is very prominent, and perhaps it might be better somewhere slightly out of town, facing towards the sea?

"The placing of flowers on benches was mentioned in general."

But Toni McLachlan, the girlfriend of Alesha's dad Robert, vowed to chain herself to the schoolgirl's memorial bench before letting it be moved.

It comes just weeks after a memorial garden in Port Bannatyne, near to where the six-year-old's body was found, was moved after neighbours complained about being reminded of the tragedy.

Outraged Toni said: "The last thing I'll be doing is watching another thing be moved that is in memory of Alesha.

"The wee memorial garden was moved to please other people, not this, no chance.

"I'll attach myself to the bench if it comes to it.

"Sick of people bending over backwards to please the small percentage of idiots that have an issue."

The news also angered Angela King and Calum MacPhail, the parents of Alesha's father Robert, who said she was "bewildered" and "hurt" by the idea of her granddaughter's bench being moved.

She said: "I apparently hear there is opposition to Alesha's bench being sited at children's corner as children fear they will be murdered?

"Marlene disappointed to say the least no one has even bothered to consult her family.

"Its a bench..nothing more. Sad to even write this.

"If any parent has concerns contact me on pm through fb i can't relieve your child's concern but obviously didn't anticipate the living hell we are going through.

"Sorely bewildered and hurt.

"It upsets me that people sat down together a "community council" to discuss this like a piece of gossip and then publicly minute it."

Last month, a large wooden playhouse was erected at Alesha's school in her memory, at Chapelside Primary in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.

Mr MacPhail highlighted that the structure had been built in the grounds of a primary school and that no child had been negatively affected by it.

He said: "In Airdrie at her school they have built a massive playhouse in her memory.

"This does not seem to cause the children there any problems but here it is different as you say no child should be scared of a bench.

"It is what they are being told that is upsetting them."

Alesha was taken from her bed in the early hours of July 2 last year by schoolboy Aaron Campbell, then 16.

He took her to a secluded area near an abandoned hotel before raping and murdering he.

Campbell was sentenced to 27 years in prison at the High Court in Glasgow in March.