A unique opportunity for sale in rural Aberdeenshire

The Drum Estate Woodlands, nestled near Drumoak, are now available for purchase, offering an exceptional opportunity for those seeking a diverse portfolio of woodlands with immense amenity and commercial potential.
The Drum Estate Woodlands are now up for sale.The Drum Estate Woodlands are now up for sale.
The Drum Estate Woodlands are now up for sale.

Comprising a total of 162.37 hectares (401.32 acres), the properties are conveniently located in the picturesque countryside close to Banchory.

This magnificent estate is divided into five lots, each with its own distinct character and features:

Lot 1 - Keith’s Muir

Size: 19.77 hectares / 48.85 acres

Offers Over: £220,000

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Lot 1 is a visually stunning property, consisting of three scenic woodland parcels, two of which are located south of Drumoak near the iconic River Dee. Approximately 2.5 hectares of the woodlands feature commercial conifers, including Sitka spruce that is maturing beautifully and could be harvested in about a decade. The remaining woodlands are rich in mixed broadleaves, teeming with biodiversity and wildlife. This lot presents an excellent opportunity for the construction of an off-grid cabin or hut, pending local authority approval.

Lot 2 - Coldstream Plantation

Size: 55.94 hectares / 138.23 acres

Offers Over: £350,000

Formerly a productive Scots pine plantation with some Norway spruce and Hybrid larch, Lot 2 faced early clear felling following Storm Arwin under Felling Licence reference number FPA-10545. The responsibility of restocking (comprising Scots pine, Norway spruce, Hybrid larch, and open ground) will fall upon the purchaser. The soils here are a mix of podzols and gleys, typical of forestry soils in the area, capable of producing high-quality timber. The next rotation is expected to benefit from improved ground conditions.

Lot 3 - Quartains Woods

Size: 25.79 hectares / 63.73 acres

Offers Over: £125,000

Lot 3 is a collection of three compact blocks of mid-rotation pine woodlands, enhanced by attractive broadleaves that add significant amenity and biodiversity. Surrounded by productive farmland, these woods are situated on level, fertile ground, with the Gormack Burn and other watercourses nearby. The westerly block, known as Murphiehowe Wood, is ready for harvesting under an approved Felling Licence. The next rotation will predominantly feature Sitka spruce, a fast-growing and high-yielding species.

Lot 4 - Castle Woods

Size: 39.58 hectares / 97.90 acres

Offers Over: £300,000

Lot 4 offers a collection of diverse, mixed woodlands featuring a range of species and age classes, from land awaiting restocking to mature specimen broadleaves. There are areas of mid-rotation pine, a shelter belt, and some younger attractive broadleaves. A significant part of this area used to be part of the historic Drum Castle's policies dating back to the 1700s. An attractive pond, known as Robbie Rossie’s Loch, graces the northern section.

Lot 5 - Old Manse Woods

Size: 21.29 hectares / 52.61 acres

Offers Over: £125,000

Moss-side Plantation, part of Lot 5, comprises a highly attractive maturing pine woodland located to the south-east of Drumoak. Old Manse Wood to the south features a mixture of young broadleaves and some conifers. The easterly block, known as Mossend Wood, has been harvested under Felling Licence reference number FPA – 8560. Restocking with mostly Sitka spruce will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

These splendid woodlands are offered for sale as a whole or in individual lots, with an attractive combined price of Offers Over £1,120,000. The Drum Estate Woodlands represent a rare opportunity to own and manage woodlands with diverse potential, from timber production to recreational use.

For more information, please contact [email protected], or visit www.goldcrestlfg.co.uk for detailed information,​​​​​​​

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