A story that is out of this world ...

The true story of how the Scottish postal system went intergalactic. Almost…

Rocket Post! comes to the Barn next month. (Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)
Rocket Post! comes to the Barn next month. (Tommy Ga-Ken Wan)

Based on the real-life story of eccentric engineer Gerhard Zucker, Rocket Post! tells the tale of how, in 1934, a rocket full of letters was blasted into the sky towards the Isle of Harris in what was deemed an innovation in communication…but things didn’t quite go to plan.

Rocket Post! is a collaboration between award-winning theatre makers Lewis Hetherington and designer, puppet-maker and performer Ailie Cohen, who together have delighted audiences with their family productions of Cloud Man and The Secret Life of Suitcases.

This October, Rocket Post! will be blasting into theatre spaces around Scotland shedding light on this little-known but extraordinary story of miscommunication and the magical discoveries that can happen when everything goes wrong.

Rocket Post! is the first production by Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington’s new company, Constellation Points, with Producer Sarah Gray. Devised in collaboration with MJ Deans, Deborah Arnott and David Rankine, supported by Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund.


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Originally commissioned by National Theatre of Scotland, this new production of Rocket Post! is specially made to pop up anywhere and create a joyful experience for communities to come together, and hear this remarkable story.

Rocket Post comes to the Barn, Banchory on Thursday, October 27 at 3pm and Friday, October 28 at 11am. Visit www.thebarnarts.co.uk/