1,500 birds killed after Avian flu outbreak near Peterhead

Around 1,500 birds have been killed after an avian flu outbreak near Peterhead.

Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid was informed of the outbreak in a letter from the Scottish Government’s Minister for Energy and the Environment, Gillian Martin.

Mr Duguid was told that a private vet reported suspicion of notifiable avian disease to APHA on September 8 at a 221,000 chicken layer-rearer premises.

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Only one of the seven populated sheds was affected (23,500 birds). In the affected shed, 750 birds died over a space of four days. An APHA veterinary investigation was undertaken on September 9 and NAD could not be ruled out, and samples were taken and sent for testing.


A further 750 birds were reported to have died following the APHA veterinary inspection that day. A 10k surveillance zone was established around the premises and full investigations are ongoing. The Scottish Government is working with APHA to humanely cull the remaining birds at the premises and to organise their safe disposal.

Mr Duguid said: “It’s extremely worrying to hear of a substantial avian flu outbreak near Peterhead as poultry farmers prepare for Christmas. An outbreak of this size is devastating and highlights that this deadly disease isn’t going away.

“Poultry farmers are still ]worried about this horrific disease and the serious risk it poses as they enter their busiest time of the year. I will now be writing to the Scottish Government to ask what it is doing to prevent a repeat of last year.”