Whose tune?

Hopefully Westminster will manage to hack its way through the divisive rhetoric flooding out of Holyrood and from the wind industry regarding the end to onshore wind subsidises.

It is not true to insist communities want industrial turbines because of the community “bribery” on offer.

Many don’t want the money and they don’t want massive turbines, pylons etc damaging their environment, health and happiness.

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A green fog seems to befall all SNP politicians on the wind issue, rendering them unable to see or hear any negative arguments or listen to their constituents.

They ignore their own people, preferring to enrich wealthy multinationals and landowners and only seem able to quote the wind industry’s own figures and polls.

There is no proof that the huge sums of money that are bandied about as being lost to Scotland would have stayed in this country as it is money from schemes put forward by multinational developers.

The Westminster government has explained the extent of recent wind development has, in effect, used up the available pot of money and met targets. The SNP should realise their uncontrolled “all are welcome” wind policy has contributed to this at a faster rate than predicted. To subsidise more wind farms will put bills up. Money should now, quite rightly, be diverted to other developing technologies.

Finally, having the heavy mob turn up to a sleepy Highland village to “protect” the wind developers was shocking. It proves developers are realising they are not welcome any more in communities they target.

The Scottish Government must empower local people and give them the final say on wind developments as Westminster has empowered those in England and Wales. If they refuse, whose tune are they dancing to?

Lyndsey Ward


The talk of community benefit from wind farms by Joss Blamire of Scottish Renewables (Friends of The Scotsman, 1 July) is just 

Does he not understand that the money for this so-called benefit comes in the first place from the communities themselves via the indiscriminate electricity subsidy levy?

By all means send people to dance classes, and build 
community centres, but miss out the profits of the landowners and developers. Obvious, and cheaper.

Does Mr Blamire really think we are that stupid?

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross