Voting figures

Is it possible to have some ­actual facts concerning the ­referendum? In his article (Perspective, 13 February), Kenny Farquharson said that “45 per cent of the population has voted for ­independence”.

But may I remind Mr Farquharson that 15 per cent of the voting population did not vote, so I shall give him the benefit of the doubt here and give him 
7.5 per cent of that 15 per cent, so therefore 45 per cent minus 
7.5 per cent takes it to 37.5 per cent who voted for independence.

R E Tait



Could Alex Orr (Letters, 
11 February) please explain what a “failed” referendum is? Referendums are not about success or failure. They are about taking ­action in accordance with the will of the people.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road