Scotland on Sunday readers' letters: Sturgeon making rules just to appear different

There was something faintly ridiculous about the stance of the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in the still ongoing Covid regulations furore.

The idea that she makes the rules merely to appear different from those with whom we share this island grows by the day.

That she would claim some kind of moral high ground by keeping mask-wearing mandatory after others on this island eased restrictions is a symptom of this.

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It was ironic that she chose not to wear a mask while at the royal memorial service – the very type of circumstances she pinpointed where they should still be worn. Her explanation for doing so was, frankly, pathetic.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon leaves after attending a Service of Thanksgiving for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey in London on March 29, 2022. Photo: Daniel Leal/AFP via Getty Images

The fact that Scottish infections are running higher than elsewhere in the United Kingdom does not seem to strike her.

It was noticeable also that her daily party political/Covid update broadcasts ground to a halt as the figures for Scotland rose.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh

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Novel contribution

So novelist and separatist mouthpiece Irvine Welsh criticises the Scottish Conservative Party for adapting words from Trainspotting as a device to highlight past and current SNP failings.

Fair enough, I guess. But what does Welsh, from the comfort of his Miami sun-lounger, really have to contribute to any discussion about the reality of life in Scotland today?

He hasn't lived in Scotland for many years (he's a long-term expat in the United States). If he had, perhaps he could at least contribute to the debate in an informed manner, instead of hurling abuse at us from 4,000 miles away.

Martin Redfern, Melrose, Roxburghshire

Put country first

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It was interesting to see no less than four out of five letters in today's edition (Sunday, April 3) were what's known as ‘SNP bashing’ and, by implication, anti-Independence.

Folk who constantly find ways to criticise the SNP/Scottish Government might consider that, since most folk now realise that independence is inevitable, the best way to ‘get rid’ of the SNP in its current form would be to vote for Independence.

Following this our parliament in Holyrood would be full of MSPs from genuinely Scotland-based political parties and who would all be striving to convince us that what they want to do for Scotland is actually in Scotland's best interests, rather than in the interest of some parent party in London.

Noted that, for Westminster MPs, their priorities are supposed to be: (a) country first; (b) constituents second; and (c) party last.

It's a pity that many MSPs in Scotland, from London-based parties, seem to think that they should put their party first – and our country (Scotland) last.

Ian Waugh, Dumfries & Galloway Indy Hub

Soaring costs

A recent poll in Scotland shows only 36 per cent of Scottish voters are in favour of Indy2 and Nicola Sturgeon should take note that she has completely failed to persuade the people of Scotland that a second independence referendum is needed.

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The people of Scotland have more important things to worry about for our immediate future with inflation running at 7 per cent and energy costs soaring we need the added strength of the UK to see us through this very difficult time.

Dennis Forbes Grattan, Bucksburn, Aberdeen

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