Rubbish service

Having written to the letters page (7 September) about the non-collection of my food waste, I have had a response, not from a “waste officer” but other angry council tax payers who have experienced the same problems.

We are not throwing away food but recycling egg shells, tea bags and peelings as requested by a council that has targets to reach.

However, giving out the bins and ignoring them is not recycling. Many people no longer use the service because bins are not emptied.

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I said in my letter that my bin was lonely, being left out in the street. This is no longer the case as the maggots moved in.

My bucket had no lid as the collectors broke it throwing it onto the pavement. I now have a new bin, having waited seven weeks.

The question now is to use it or not to use it? Or should I say: “Oh, waste officer, where are thou?”

Actually, no one at the council seems to know where to find these elusive managers. Do you?

Doris MH Duff

Belmont Gardens