Right to say no

There are ominous signs in the Middle East that we may be drawn into yet another conflict.

Scotland is a devolved country. It was granted (how I hate that word) limited powers only.

Now the entire Westminster entourage is busting a gut, promising Scotland even more powers to remain a subservient member of the Union.

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This raises a fundamental 
question: shouldn’t one of those powers for Scotland be the sovereign right to agree or veto going to war?

Such a power could be overruled by a call to arms by the United Nations – not any single country.

So, I challenge the No supporters to go south and demand that this issue is one of such magnitude that whether devolved or independent, Scotland must have it as a basic humanitarian right.

After all, they claim that they are as patriotic as the Yes people.

Well, will they now unite with them on this one issue by putting Scotland first and demanding this power for Scotland, allowing it the same right as all other 
nations around the world?

Robert Gritton

Glen Drive