Religious concern

Writing to the Smith Commission on behalf of The Free Church of Scotland, James Fraser CBE and Rev James Maciver have suggested that the secular value of equality is “harmful to
society” and that it “threatens freedom of employment, freedom of speech and unfettered sexual equality in particular jeopardises the primacy of the heterosexual family”.

They complain that secular concerns make it “difficult for Christian organisations to
recruit the Christian staff who share their beliefs and agenda”.

They argue against a “pluralistic society” preferring instead that universal values should be “embedded in our Christian
heritage”. I am incredulous that such a privilege-laden agenda should be described by its
exponents as “restoring a level playing field”.

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While I fiercely defend the right of religious groups to submit their wish-lists to the Smith Commission, I am confident 
that the commission will 
negotiate what is right for Scots of all religions and none and will employ exactly the sense 
of equality and fairness which the Free Church wants to 

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Saughtonhall Drive