Migrant limit

The public are desperate for government action in halting the tsunami of unwanted immigrants hitting our shores.

Already the signs are promising that action is being taken.

In an early UK victory the European Commission has backed down over demands that all EU countries must take their share of the ten of thousands of migrants crossing from the Mediterranean countries into Europe.

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The UK would have been forced to take an estimated 60,000 migrants every year. This is unsustainable.

The UK warned it would veto this plan so the European Commission said Britain would not be forced to take part.

Victory in round one. Round two: David Cameron is 
demanding sweeping changes to EU benefits rules and he wants a ban on migrants claiming hand-outs for four years and wants to deport jobless migrants after six months.

This is the long-awaited action the public want. Welfare and housing are the magnets for these economic migrants and stopping this influx will leave more money for UK schools, the NHS and front line services.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road