Intelligent agent

Leslie John Thomson seems to equate dissent from evolutionary theory with faith in the Biblical creation account (Letters, 8 November).

Leslie John Thomson seems to equate dissent from evolutionary theory with faith in the Biblical creation account (Letters, 8 November).

I actually regard my Christian faith as perfectly compatible with evolutionary theory.

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The reason I cannot swallow the entire evolutionary story is that it involves a precarious sequence of ludicrously improbable events. The improbability argument against evolution has not been refuted, despite the impression given by simplistic popular level analogies and naive appeals to long time 

For those of a materialistic worldview, there is no other theory to consider, so evolutionary theory limps on despite its numerous fatal wounds. As a believer in an intelligent agent behind creation, I can be more open minded and follow the evidence and logic where they lead.

What is the Scottish Secular Society so afraid of? Do we really need a law to prevent Biology teachers from teaching evolutionary theory and also stating their personal scepticism of it?

Or is it just another case of the Scottish Secular Society taking a break from venting their vehement personal hostility towards religion, and trying to appear as a reasonable lobbying organisation concerned about children’s education?

Richard Lucas



I see the Reverend David Robertson is off on one again, accusing those who wish to prevent Scottish schoolchildren being taught biblical creationism in science classes of being militant atheists (your report, 7 November).

In that case, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Evangelical Alliance member Steve Chalke (who runs a number of faith schools through his Oasis Trust) must also be militant atheists as well as devout Christians. Both have condemned the teaching of creationism in schools, with Chalke memorably calling creationism “garbage based on a Babylonian myth.” Or perhaps yet again Reverend Robertson’s faith is the right and pure one and everyone else’s is wrong.

Scotland has been at the forefront of the Enlightenment, where our contribution to scientific discovery has advanced immeasurably our knowledge of the universe in which we live and the forces which shape and regulate it. This knowledge has simultaneously rendered redundant what once were religiously-based explanations for phenomena.

It is a tragedy for our standing in the world and in the scientific community that the teaching of ancient myths and pseudo-science has walked unchallenged into science classrooms in both denominational and non-denominational schools, and that nothing has ever been done by the Scottish Government to protect children from the propagation of this scientific ignorance.

Alistair McBay

National Secular Society (Scotland)


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Has the Free Church of Scotland completely lost its remaining marbles? What made them think for one fraction of a second that making Reverend David Robertson their next Moderator was a remotely good idea?

Here is a Christian church that once upon a time had in Professor Donald Macleod the best leader any church never had, let alone the Wee Frees, who buttonholed with charm so even his most vociferous opponents would grudgingly smirk that all too often he had a point.

One decade later, and they think appointing someone with the didactic and diplomatic skills of a pub bouncer is somehow A Good Idea.

The main result of this madness will be a year-long disaster as the church’s dwindling resources are squandered on Rev Robertson’s self-publicity ego trips.

Mark Boyle

Linn Park Gardens