Flippant words

I was disgusted by the flippant headlines used for Brian Ferguson’s article on the theft of the panel from the Great Tapestry of Scotland (your report, 12 

Whoever wrote them should hang his or her head in shame. Despite the facts being given about the time and effort that went in to the making of the panel, it was felt appropriate to use such puerile puns (“A case for Scotland Yarn, perhaps, as piece of Great Tapestry is 

This is disrespectful to those who worked on the tapestry and shows no regard for the importance of this work of art.

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If the panel is not recovered, it will be a huge loss to our nation, and so let us hope that whoever carried out this mindless act of theft and vandalism will see sense and return it.

In the meantime, I would suggest that whoever wrote the headline revisits the tapestry (assuming he or she has been to see it) and takes time to stop and think about those who worked on it and how they must be

Mary Morrison