Critical debate

MAY I vehemently protest, as a member of the Speculative Society, at the attitude of your article “Speculative Society told to admit women” (6 November).

The Spec is not a secret society. For many it is a starting ground for advocacy and debate 
following parliamentary procedure.

Members are proposed by two members and voted in or out.

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They are required to write and present essays on any subject. For example, I wrote on sandcastles – about the Udal archaeological dig in Uist.

Another wrote of a fireworks incident which cost him fingers. The debates are on improbable

Notable persons are invited to speak from time to time. Robbie the Pict considered unrealistically the society to be the real political establishment.

I am all in favour of women being admitted and a pox on those who try to defeat this. As a lecturer in law (employment) to many students, could I ­possibly vote otherwise?

John ER Rowe