Blunt words

Well, there we have it: from the world’s spotlight and the chance of being one of the richest nations ever to gain independence peacefully, Scotland now slips back into obscurity as a part of a discredited British state.

Once again our children have been tricked out of their inheritance. As time goes by, James Blunt’s Here We Go Again will resonate as the vows and promises of Westminster evaporate as they did in 1979.

Courage and vision were not enough when the power of the media and the might of the London establishment was brought to bear on Scotland.

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As an old man, with tears in my eyes, I grieve for the people of Scotland, especially the young, who will have to endure weapons of mass destruction, wars abroad, austerity at home and unemployment.

The best Scots will continue to leave Scotland, servicing the rest of the world with their talents, skills and expertise.

The remaining wealth of Scotland will continue to be squandered, preserving the crumpling empire structure of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, struggling to maintain its place in the world.

In the 21st-century, Britain should exercise a moral and not a military role and certainly never again blunder into questionable conflicts at the behest of the USA.

In accepting the democratic will of the people I still feel that Scotland has lost a golden opportunity to effect change to a prosperous caring society for all its people. Sadly this will never again be on offer from a shaken and disturbed UK.

As for the sarcastic, condescending and facile comments of the well-heeled retirees ensconced in their Highland idyll and happy with Scotland as it is, I say no thanks and goodbye.

Grant Frazer