Assess climate change cold facts, not hot air

YOUR editorial (5 December) on climate change was very thought-provoking and I fully support your conclusion that there needs to be an independent, open review on the issue, which, after all, has the potential to force us all into a way of life we are not used to.

This was never an open-and-shut case, as you suggest, for those prepared to critically look behind the headlines coming from the "warmist" camp and the media. The failure to do this by politicians and the media is one of the reasons why we are in the present position; the issue hasn't been properly debated.

The warmist scientists' pack of cards has some cracks in it because they followed a path of dogma, arrogance and obstruction.

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Although they have science degrees, they have not followed a proper scientific approach to the problem, which is to have continued debate, where all views are put forward and dissents are sharpened and clarified, not smoothed over. Also, the pursuit of science is the pursuit of truth, not consensus: consensus is not a scientific concept, it is a political one.

There seems no doubt the climate scientists referred to above appear to have boxed themselves in with their attempt to fit scientific results into a pre-formed conclusion.


Dargai Terrace

Dunblane, Perthshire

It was a powerful and affirming experience to be one of the thousands of people throughout the world of all ages and creeds who came together on Saturday to fight for an honest and active response to climate change.

In reading the comments on leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia, I am struck by the apparently boundless human talent for self-delusion or dishonesty in the interest of self-serving inertia regarding avoiding dealing with climate change.

To use what feels like an appropriate analogy: the plane is on the runway, 2,500 aviation engineers have concluded there is a 90 per cent chance it is likely to crash. Any sane person is going to get off the plane and take the train instead.

Let us, and all future generations, hope that the leaders in Copenhagen have the honesty and courage to resist both personal and global delusion and to act wisely.


Dalkeith Street

Joppa, Edinburgh

One of the most important factors in man-made climate change is the rapid population growth. Those who attended an ecumenical service at the Roman Catholic Church in Bellahouston before the climate change march might ask why this Church forbids the use of contraception.



Carsluith, Wigtownshire

Climate change has become a religion, not a science. Climate change campaigners are "creationists". In their view, man is the exclusive "creator" of the inevitability of catastrophic climate change.

Like a religious cult, climate change creationists are a mixture of those who crave power over others and those who need to feel good about themselves.

It is the sacrifice of mankind's industrial and scientific progress that they worship.


Deepdene Avenue

Dorking, Surrey

Homo sapien surely demonstrates its limited wisdom and understanding by holding a climate change (we can control global weather) summit that will produce as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough.


Newchapel Road

Boncath, Pembrokeshire