Armed police

I have watched the unfolding furore concerning armed police in the Highlands with increasing incredulity.

I am never surprised at the continuing love affair with human rights by the idealistic London intellectual elite who believe everyone plays fair and authority is automatically in the wrong.

However, to see this emerge in the Highlands was a surprise. I am even more surprised that Danny Alexander MP appears to have developed the gift of prophecy and can foretell how likely serious criminal incidents are to happen. I have therefore some questions to ask him and these Highland councillors.

Criminals do not give forewarning of their intentions, so would they personally be prepared to put their lives on the line and face armed criminals with only a baton and pepper spray because that is what they are asking police to do?

If they or their family were facing a Dunblane-type incident, would they be prepared to tolerate a delay in the arrival of the nearest armed response unit, bearing in mind the speed of Highland roads?


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If the answer to these questions is no, then why on earth are they campaigning for police to be disarmed?

I would certainly hope that should these councillors get their way and armed police are banned from the Highlands, they will not have the hypocrisy to complain should there be a tragedy involving the death of a police officer or members of the public.

Gail Ledingham



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