SNP's highly ambitious plan to dual A9 within 11 years just might be delayed by 'things' – Scotsman comment

Transport Secretary Fiona Hyslop is at least being open about the potential for delays

Less than three months ago, The Scotsman welcomed the announcement that the dualling of the A9 road between Perth and Inverness would be complete within just 11 years’ time as a “shining example of Scottish Government efficiency”. So we thought it only reasonable to update our readers on the latest news.

Given such an ambitious pledge, it was surely only to be expected that the target date for the completion of 2035 might need to slip just a smidgen. And, sure enough, Transport Secretary Fiona Hyslop has cautioned that, while they had a “clear and detailed” plan to deliver on the stated timescale, “I’m going to be sensible and say ‘things can happen.’”

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Indeed, those troublesome “things” that have got in the way of the dualling project since it was announced a mere 14 years ago and also the construction of two CalMac ferries and also the recovery of the NHS and also...

However, to give Hyslop credit, at least she’s being honest about it. And not, like so many of her Cabinet colleagues, somehow trying to blame Westminster.



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