A9 dual carriageway to be complete within just 11 years in shining example of Scottish Government efficiency – Scotsman comment

Announced in 2007, the dualling of the A9 road between Inverness and Perth is now expected to be finished by 2035

To those jaded cynics who say the Scottish Government can’t get things done, a rejoinder! Transport Secretary Mairi McAllan has firmly pledged – and we all know what an SNP pledge is worth – that the dualling of the A9 road between Perth and Inverness will be complete within just 11 years’ time.

Admittedly, the project was announced in 2007, so that would mean, by 2035, it will have taken a total of 28 years to upgrade about 80 miles of road but doubtless we simply do not understand the complexities involved. It was definitely nothing at all to do with any lack of political will. And, if it wasn’t Westminster’s fault – and surely there will be those who suspect it somehow must be – it most certainly was not Holyrood’s.

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Furthermore, we understand that our state-owned shipyard on the Clyde is set to agree, in a spirit of friendly competition, that it will attempt to deliver the unfortunately delayed, over-budget ferries for Calmac before the A9 works are complete. Two shining examples of Scottish Government efficiency for all to see.



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