Scotland's porridge oats defamed by Scotland's own government? How dare they! – Scotsman comment

Extraordinary decision to put ‘porridge oats’ on a list of unhealthy foods leads to a mercifully swift U-turn by Scottish ministers

Porridge is bad for you?! Well, if you’re talking about the slightly old-fashioned slang term for prison, then we’d probably agree. But Scotland’s national breakfast?! A dish enjoyed by generations of Scots since time immemorial and more recently lauded by dieticians the world over?

Who on Earth could possibly be making such an outrageous and surely defamatory remark about our almost sacred oats? Who could possibly be talking down this Scottish success story? A Scottish Government consultation, launched by an SNP minister?! This we’ve got to see.

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Public health minister Jenni Minto proudly announced her vision of Scotland as a place where “everyone eats well and has a healthy weight”. The consultation document itself said that, “following careful consideration”, it was proposed to restrict promotions of “breakfast cereals, including ready-to-eat cereals, granola, muesli, porridge oats and other oat-based cereals(our emphasis).

Amid uproar, the Scottish Government hurriedly ‘clarified’ that “plain porridge oats are a healthy breakfast choice” and would not be subject to the planned restrictions. So phew, breakfast is saved, though you may have to add your own Golden Syrup...



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