Don't worry! Liz Truss won't be making a comeback – Scotsman comment

UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister blames everyone except the cat for the economic crisis created by her government

A year on from trashing the economy, Liz Truss is still insisting she was right all along. Her government’s plan to cut taxes by £45 billion was just what the country needed and it was the Bank of England, the Office for Budget Responsibility, economists, civil servants, the BBC, etc who were variously to blame for things going terribly wrong for Britain’s shortest-serving Prime Minister. Strangely the Downing Street cat was not mentioned.

Speaking at the Institute for Government – which should have been renamed “the Institute for Bad Government” for the day – Truss promised she would be “saying more” about her economic vision at the Conservative conference next month and in a forthcoming book.

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So could this be the start of a Long March from defeat to victory for Trussonomics? After all, the almost equally ideological (admittedly in a different way) Mao Zedong spent time in the political wilderness before finally emerging triumphant. But Truss? Fortunately, her “charisma bypass” – correctly diagnosed by former Conservative minister Anne Widdecombe – means your mortgage rate is almost certainly safe from further suffering on her account.



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