Dominic Raab's resignation means four out of the five Brexit fanatics behind 'Britannia Unchained' are gone. Next year, voters can finish the job – Brian Wilson

Dominic Raab’s departure takes us closer to a wipe-out of five right-wing “brains” who authored a tract published in 2012 under the title “Britannia Unchained”.

It was a cliché-ridden assault on interference in the free market, the laziness of British workers and rights they had won over the decades including a national minimum wage and, amusingly, protection against unfair dismissal.

The famous five authors were Dominic Raab (gone), Priti Patel (gone), Kwasi Kwarteng (gone), Liz Truss (far gone) and someone called Chris Skidmore. They were Brexit fanatics who prospered once Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

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It is difficult to over-estimate the damage they imposed on British society over the past decade. It says a lot about Rishi Sunak’s judgment and his own pro-Brexit past that he brought Raab back when both his personal reputation and hard-line politics were well known to him.

Another recruit to the gang of right-wing crazies was David Frost, who had ingratiated himself into Johnson’s circle. Previously, Frost was a middle-ranking diplomat who then had a notably undistinguished stint as chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association.

His reincarnation as Lord Frost, blundering round the chancelleries of Europe, making every bad situation worse, was one of life’s mysteries. Mercifully, he too is gone and reduced to writing provocative rubbish about Scotland that is best ignored.

This cast of horrors was only part of the bigger picture and the other old faces are still there. Next year will offer the opportunity to finish the job, without distraction.



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