Climate change may make autumn heat feel suffocating, but we shouldn't stop enjoying a sunny day – Scotsman comment

New report shows this summer saw record-high global temperatures

After a rather disappointing summer, much of Scotland has been basking in temperatures in the mid-20s. And the balmy weather is forecast to continue until Sunday or Monday when thundery showers are set to herald a change in our meteorological fortunes.

So we should probably enjoy it while it lasts. Strolling about outdoors in shorts and t-shirts, having picnics in the park or a day at the beach, and taking advantage of a good excuse for an ice cream are among life’s simpler pleasures.

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However, it is not quite as easy as it once was to enjoy such ‘good’ weather these days, particularly after the news that the three-month period of June, July and August – summer in the northern hemisphere – was the world’s warmest on record by a “large margin”. With climate change in mind, the current heat may feel somewhat suffocating to some.

But, while it is important to take global warming and the drive to net-zero carbon emissions seriously, we should not allow it to undermine our state of mind to the point where a sunny day cannot be enjoyed.

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