COP26: UN delegates 'could miss climate summit' if Scotrail strikes go ahead

The head of communications for Glasgow City Council has warned that UN delegates could miss COP26 if ScotRail strikes go ahead.

Colin Edgar, head of communications for Glasgow City Council, warned that planned ScotRail strikes would create problems for those attending the climate change summit, especially if they are staying in Edinburgh.

Strike action is planned by rail union RMT to coincide with the climate summit.

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Business Insider reports that Edgar told the Scottish Affairs Committee: “If you can't get the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and the trains are cancelled, then they can't get here. That's absolutely the case. I would suggest that's why the unions have chosen to strike at this time.”

Colin Edgar, head of communications for Glasgow City Council, acknowledged that the planned Scotrail strikes would create problems for those attending the event if they are staying in Edinburgh.

“It is going to be a serious problem for those people if they have come from around the world, and are only 45 minutes away if they can’t get a bus, or an Uber, then that's going to be a real problem for them.”

He also revealed that no details have emerged abut compensation for businesses despite promises from the UK Government but said he was aware the plan was still going ahead.

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Edgar also said that he not agree with those who have suggested that Glasgow has a problem with rubbish and waste collection that is worse than previous years adding: “It is very important for me not to be political.

“I don't agree with those people who suggest that the city is uniquely dirty either compared with ourselves in the past, or with other cities.”

Delegates were also warned at the meeting that the conference were going to be under strict Covid rules, especially as those attending do not require vaccine passports in venues.

He said that delegates would be “debadged” if they broke the rules but it was ultimately the UN’s responsibility to ensure delegates adhered to the tough rules.

It was also revealed that thousands of delegates were yet to secure accommodation in Glasgow for COP26 with less than a week until the conference begins.

Appearing before the committee, Susan Aitken, the leader of Glasgow City Council, told MPs that all delegates had been able to secure accommodation ahead of the fortnight-long conference with Janice Fisher, joint chair of the Greater Glasgow Hoteliers’ Association, acknowledging there was not enough official accommodation.