Uddingston spitter admits assaulting priest after being snared by his DNA

An Uddingston man who spat on priest in Glasgow last summer has pled guilty after being caught by his DNA.

Bradley Wallace (24) assaulted Canon Thomas White outside St Alphonsus Church on London Road as an Orange Walk went past.

On July 7 the annual Boyne Parade through Glasgow had around 4000 participants and as many spectators, by 5pm it had splintered into factions who took different routes through the city.

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One of the factions was walking along London Road towards its junction with Kent Street, flanked by police officers who took position outside of St Alphonsus Church as Canon White said goodbye to his congregation after Mass.

A large disturbance broke out which took police away from the church, and members of the public who had been associating themselves with the parade became more volatile towards the congregation.

They began to sing sectarian songs, while also shouting abuse and spitting at Canon White and the parishioners – Wallace, who was amongst the group, spat on Canon White’s back.

Police took the vestment worn by Father White for forensic analysis and a DNA ‘hit’ matching Wallace was found.

Wallace pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Father White on July 7, he had his bail continued and will be sentenced next month.