Turkey holiday sexual assault risk warning issued by UK government as summer holiday season looms

Turkey is a popular destination for Scottish holidaymakers

Holidaymakers visiting Turkey have been warned to be “extra vigilant” over possible sexual assaults in the country after 42 people, including minors, reported incidents to the British consulate last year.

The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said sexual assaults reported to consular staff last summer included people being attacked at night by individuals they had met during the day, including hotel and spa workers.

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The body also warned over children being allowed to go to the toilet on their own while out in public amid reports of crimes being carried out while minors were alone in bathroom facilities. The update was added to the FCDO’s official travel advice for British travellers visiting Turkey.

The FCDO said: “In 2023, 42 cases of sexual assault, including rape, were reported to British consular staff in Turkey. Most cases happened during summer holidays in coastal tourist areas.

“Crimes were committed at night by someone the victim met during the day, including hotel and spa workers. There have also been sexual attacks on minors visiting toilet facilities alone. Be extra vigilant in these situations.”

The destination is a popular summer holiday for Scots. More than 1.6 million people from the UK visit the country every year, with direct flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow airports, as well as package holiday routes.

Other warnings for people visiting Turkey which were already present on the FCDO website include counterfeit alcohol, which it said had resulted in the deaths of some tourists, as well as food and drink spiking.

The website states: “Be wary of strangers: approaching you to change money; taking you to a restaurant or nightclub; offering you food and drink - these could be spiked.”