Teen who murdered boy while pregnant ‘boasting about being a man hater’

One of Britain’s youngest female killers who murdered a teenage boy while she was pregnant and high on cocaine boasted to fellow prisoners about being a “man hater”.
Jolene Doherty was just 17 when she killed Conner Cowper last April. Pic: SWNSJolene Doherty was just 17 when she killed Conner Cowper last April. Pic: SWNS
Jolene Doherty was just 17 when she killed Conner Cowper last April. Pic: SWNS

Jolene Doherty, now aged 18, was jailed for life in January for knifing fellow teenager Conner Cowper to death at a house party.

Doherty was 17 at the time of the murder, in April 2018, but when she turned 18 last month her identity could be revealed.

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She gave birth behind bars, but prison sources claim the young mum has been bragging about the brutal killing to other inmates, telling them that she hates men.

A prison source claimed the convicted killer said her hatred of men was the reason for the murder at a flat in Holytown, near Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, in April last year, the Evening Times reported.

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Young killer who murdered teen while pregnant named as Jolene Doherty

Conner’s heartbroken mum Linda Fraser, 37, told of her pain upon hearing “evil” Doherty’s brags in jail - as she faced her first Mother’s Day without her only son.

A prison source claimed: “Everyone in jail knows who Jolene is because of the video of her beating up an autistic boy when she was around 12.

“The prisoners all hated her when they found out about that but she somehow managed to wangle her way in with them by giving them fags and telling them sob stories about an abusive ex.

“She was saying she did it to Conner and the other boy because she’s a man-hater and was attacked off her ex-boyfriend.

“Jolene uses the same excuse for everything bad she’s done.

“To be honest she didn’t seem ashamed of it or like she has care in the world.

“A lot of the girls she hangs about with in jail said she’s a man-hater and that she laughs about the fact that she is.”

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Doherty - who gave birth while on remand in Cornton Vale jail - was sentenced to life at a hearing at the High Court in Edinburgh in January.

She was told she would spend a period of 16 years in custody.

But years before the fatal attack, she was branded ‘the most hated woman in Scotland’ after a sickening clip of her smacking an autistic boy was uploaded online in social media in 2013, when she was just 12.

Doherty had met Conner Cowper only hours before she killed him at a house party in on April 14, 2018.

At her trial, it was said that she had tried to play him off against another man, but lost her rag when Conner called her a “stupid wee girl”.

At her sentencing hearing, the High Court in Edinburgh was told Doherty had a history of violence including possession of knives and had left home aged 15.

Conner’s distraught mum Linda Fraser, of Airdrie, North Lanarkshire will have to face a heart-wrenching first Mother’s Day without her only son this weekend.

Linda said: “Things like this she feeds off of - she’s evil.

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“She used this excuse about her ex during the trial but there’s been no insight about whether this has been true.

“She is scum, she took the most precious thing in the world away from me. I try and block her out now and concentrate on my boy.

“I hope she rots in hell.”

Conner’s devastated gran, Janet Fraser, 59, added: “She’s hurt every one of us, I’m living day to day and I don’t even leave the house anymore.

“This is just another kick in the teeth - she’s shown no remorse.

“She’s an evil witch and she’s using this as an excuse for what she’s done to our Conner.

“She should never get anywhere near her child because she’s a danger to everyone around her.

“We are living with complete heartache.”

The thug was kicked out of the secondary school following the attack in 2013, which was shared widely on Youtube and Facebook at the time.

Linda, a kitchen assistant, added: “We were made aware of a video of her years ago battering an autistic boy as pages were made in her name.

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“She managed to somehow get it removed from Facebook and YouTube and changed her name on Facebook to Jolene Smith so that people didn’t know it was her.

“The video is absolutely disgusting and shows her for what she really is - evil.”