Suzanne Pilley trial: Court shown film footage of Suzanne’s last journey

THE parents of bookkeeper Suzanne Pilley sat in court yesterday as film of her last journey to work was shown to a jury.

The footage was shot on board two buses which Ms Pilley had taken from her home in the west of Edinburgh to the city centre, and then as she walked towards her office.

Pensioners Roberts and Sylvia Pilley were in the public benches of the High Court in Edinburgh while the recordings were played on large wall-mounted screens to either side of the dock where David Gilroy, the man accused of murdering their daughter, sat between security guards.

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Gilroy, 49, of Silverknowes Brae, Edinburgh, and Ms Pilley, 38, of Whitson Road, Edinburgh, worked together for Infrastructure Management Limited (IML), Thistle Street, Edinburgh, and had been in a relationship.

He denies murdering her by unknown means on 4 May 2010, and concealing the body in IML’s premises before transporting it in the boot of his car to various locations in Scotland. Her remains have never been found.

The film started as she boarded a bus at 8:19am near her home. She sat at the rear of the lower deck. After about 12 minutes, she changed bus to complete her journey to Princes Street.

Ms Pilley was seen walking up South St David Street and going into Sainsbury’s at the corner of Rose Street. She was filmed continuing to walk towards St Andrew Square and Thistle Street. It was about 8:52am.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Houston said a camera near the Thistle Street junction had picked up a female wearing clothes like Ms Pilley’s, but it was not possible to make a facial identity.

Then, a distant camera showed a person – he could not even tell if it was male or female – walking along Thistle Street towards the IML office, which had no CCTV at that time.

The trial continues.