Slamannan bail breaker called Jeremy Kyle Show on her partner

An “immature” woman spat in her partner’s face, lied to police he had tried to kill her and even called up the Jeremy Kyle Show about him.

Nicolle Boyd (27) appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, having pled guilty to the assault she committed on February 21 at her 8 Kirkburn, Slamannan home. She also admitted breaching her bail conditions not to contact her partner on several occasions and wasting police time and behaving in a threatening manner at her home on March 12. Procurator fiscal depute Susan Campbell said: “The accused and the complainer had been in a relationship for four months. At 9.45pm he became aware the accused had an unidentified male within her house who was refusing to leave, so he decided to see what was happening.

“He got no answer at the door and assumed the accused was alseep so went back to his car. As he was driving away the accused telephoned him and asked him to return. The accused had at that point contacted the police about the man refusing to leave her home.

“When the complainer arrived she became aggressive towards him shouting at him and say she was going to kill him.”

Things calmed down when police arrived, but half-an-hour after they left Boyd became violent towards her partner.

“She called him a pussy,” said the procrator fiscal depute. “She ripped the blinds off the wall and threw a piece of plastic at him, then spat in his face, saying ‘I will slash you.”

In the following days Boyd breached her bail conditions not to contact her partner by sending him theatening texts and phoning him up. She also contacted the Jeremy Kyle Show about him.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “It was 5pm and the complainer received a phone call from the Jeremy Kyle Show asking if he would be available to come on the show and take a lie detector test in relation to Miss Boyd. He was somewhat taken aback by this.”

On another occasion she lied to police, saying the complainer had tried to killer her because he “didn’t want anyone else to have her”.

Officers quickly ascertained she was not telling the truth and arrested her.

She then became violent and started spitting on the cage walls inside the police van.

Martin Morrow, defence solicitor, said Boyd was “immature” when it came to relationships.

Sheriff Simon Collins said Boyd was deliberately dishonest and showed a “total contempt” for the orders of the court.

He ordered her to complete 300 hours unpaid work within six months and placed her on a restriction of liberty order, meaning she has to stay in her home between 7pm and 7am for six months.