Secret tape of alleged Celtic bomb plotters played to High Court

A SECRET bugging device planted in the car of a man accused of plotting to kill Celtic manager Neil Lennon in a parcel bomb plot recorded male voices discussing “planting” something outside a police station, a court has heard.

In the covert recording, played to a jury at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday, a male voice was heard saying: “I think we should get enough stuff together and plant one outside the police station. I think they’ll get the message. Put the sh*****s right up them, by the way.”

The court has previously heard police planted a recording device in Neil McKenzie’s car at the beginning of May last year.

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A surveillance officer, who police have asked not to be identified, said the recording was made on 9 May.

McKenzie, 42, is accused along with Trevor Muirhead, 43, of conspiring to murder Mr Lennon, former MSP Trish Godman and the late Paul McBride, QC, in an explosives plot, as well as various people in the premises of Irish Republican organisation Cairde Na hEireann.

As well as the parcel bomb plot, they are accused of threatening to plant and detonate an improvised explosive device outside a police station on 9 May, 2011.

Muirhead and McKenzie deny sending devices to Mr Lennon, Ms Godman and Mr McBride, and Cairde Na hEireann, between 1 March and 15 April last year.

It is alleged they believed the devices were capable of exploding.

The two men face an alternative charge of conspiring to cause an explosion of a nature “likely to endanger life or cause serious injury to property”.

They deny all the charges.

In the clip, played to the jury yesterday, two male voices were heard in conversation. Their identity has not been established, but the surveillance officer who was listening in told the court one of the men appeared to answer to the name Trevor.

The clip was recorded at 5:25pm. It ran: “Did you bin all the…”

“Aye, I put it all in the bin. Dinnae worry about it.”

“And there’s nothing left anywhere else? Everything is in the bin, right?”

“Cannae turn around and say we’ve got peroxide or anything like that.”

A second clip, recorded at 5:33pm, went on: “What do they think we were going to do? Build a bomb and chuck the stuff in the bin?”

“They think we are thick.”

“They think they are dealing with a couple of f****** hillbillies.”

“They think all Ayrshire boys are dafties.”

The trial, before Lord Turnbull, continues.