Scottish woman left devastated after unsupervised dog kills her rescue cat

Binx, a rescue cat, was found dead in a bush outside his owner’s home.

A woman has been left traumatised after a dog running loose killed her two-year-old rescue cat, Binx.

Teegan Trimmer lives in Newtongrange, Dalkeith, with her husband and four rescue pets – a dog and three cats.

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The couple used to have five animals, including Binx, but he was brutally killed by a passing dog outside their home.

Binx the black cat was killed by a dog in Dalkeith

“To say we are devastated doesn't really cut it,” Mrs Trimmer said.

“We have lost animals before but never in such horrendous circumstances.

“I know some people don’t have a strong connection to pets but this has been horrific for us.

“It’s awful he died in a way where he would have been hurt and frightened.”

Mrs Trimmer said after searching for Binx, who went missing on Sunday, she found him dead in a bush outside her flat with wounds all over his body.

She looked at CCTV camera footage in the area and saw an unsupervised dog chasing Binx into the bush.

“It’s clear the dog did it,” the animal lover said.

“The following morning we took Binx to the vet so that his body could be examined.

“It may sound strange but I was hoping the vet would find an alternative cause of death.

“I didn't want to believe a dog had killed our wee boy as it is a horrific way to go. The vet did indeed confirm that Binx's injuries were consistent with a dog attack. “

Mrs Trimmer said she approached the dog’s owners about the incident.

She said they were shocked and couldn’t believe their pet could be so aggressive.

“At first they were trying to deny it happened and that their dog wasn’t responsible because it isn’t an aggressive animal.

“I know you can get dogs that aren’t aggressive, but they can be unpredictable.

“And there’s no other way Binx could have died.”

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Mrs Trimmer said the dog owners in question assured they will make sure to keep their animal on a lead while walking in the area from now on.

“I am not blaming the dog,” the Dalkeith resident said.

“But I am blaming the owners. From the camera footage it’s clear the dog was out of their sight for about 20 seconds which is enough time for it to do something.

Mrs Trimmer said she wanted to warn other dog owners to keep their pets on leads to prevent this sort of tragedy from happening.

“Nothing will be able to bring Binx back, but I just hope it will prevent this from happening to another family as I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy.”

A police spokesman said: “Around 10.55am on Monday, 27 April, we received reports of a cat having been killed by a dog which had not been on a lead in the Wester Suttieslea area of Dalkeith.

“Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”


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