Scottish family 'worried sick' after relative goes missing

Ethan Daly has not been seen since Sunday.

A family have issued a plea on social media saying they are “worried sick” about their missing relative.

Ethan Daly, from Glasgow, has not been seen since Sunday.

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In a post on Facebook Nikkitta Anderson said: “Police have been contacted and Ethan is now down as a missing person.

Ethan Daly has not been seen since Sunday

“I’ve checked all places he could be with no luck, if anyone hears from him or knows where he may be please get in contact we’re all worried sick.

“If anyone has seen or heard from Ethan Daly could you please contact either myself or George Daly or one of his family members. No one has seen him since Sunday morning or heard from him since yesterday morning.”

Police confirmed Mr Daly is a missing person and they are searching for him.

A spokesman said: "We have a missing person report under that name and enquiries continue to trace them."