Man jailed for throwing firework which injured police officer

A man has been jailed for 16 months in prison for throwing a firework and leaving a police officer with life-changing injuries during an Irish Republican march in Glasgow.
David McCaig was protesting against the Republican march.David McCaig was protesting against the Republican march.
David McCaig was protesting against the Republican march.

David McCaig, 33, was part of a group protesting against the march, which took place at the Broomielaw in September 2019.

During the march he threw a firework which led to one officer being so severely injured that he has since been unable to do his job.

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One of the fireworks hit the 42-year-old officer who was policing the parade.

As a result, the officer was left with 60 per cent hearing loss and burns.

McCaig pled guilty to culpable and reckless conduct at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month and returned for sentencing today.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Sharp said: “This was a shocking incident which has had a devastating impact on the officer, who was simply doing his job and making sure members of the public at the march were safe.

“He has been left permanently impaired and unable to continue working in the role he was previously doing, and all as a result of the reckless actions of this man.

“David McCaig clearly showed complete disregard for the safety of others when he threw that firework. His actions were absolutely disgraceful and today he is facing the consequences.

“I hope the outcome sends a clear message that violence towards police officers will not be tolerated. They have just as much right as anyone else to go to their work and return home safely. Police Scotland will rigorously investigate all reports of violence against its officers and ensure perpetrators are held to account.”