Indycamp protesters claim their phones are being hacked

A group of independence campaigners, who are fighting to save their Scottish Parliament camp, have told a court that their phones and computers are being hacked.

Supporters of the IndyCamp, the peoples vigil for Scotland's independence, gather at their camp near the Scottish Parliament. Picture: Steven Scott Taylor / J P License

Protestor David Paterson told Court of Session judges that somebody is trying to access the personal data of people engaged in an independence vigil outside Holyrood.

He told judges Lady Dorrian, Lord Malcolm and Lord Doherty about the alleged scam during a procedural hearing at Scotland’s highest civil court today.

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However, he didn’t state the party responsible for the alleged hacking.

He said: “My computer has been hacked and Richard (a fellow campaigner) has had his phone hacked.”

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body are attempting to evict members a group of Scottish independence enthusiasts from occupying ground outside the legislature.

Campaigners object to the scheme and claim that they have the permission of the Judeo-Christian God to hold a vigil outside the Parliament.

The independence campaigners also claim to have the support of ace military commander, the Archangel Michael, who currently lives in Sheffield ahead of his boss’s predicted return to Earth..

The independence campaigners also believe that the establishment of an independent Scotland is of strategic importance to Jesus Christ.

The saviour of humanity has apparently indicated to the campers that an independent Scotland would give a massive boost to his plan to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Earlier this year, judge Lord Turnbull gave the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body permission to evict the campers.

However, the campaigners believe that Lord Turnbull made the wrong decision and are currently appealing the decision.

A full appeal hearing will be held next month