‘I will eat you’ – Grangemouth thief warns police

A thief who stole a Christmas tree from a superstore threatened to “eat” police officers who tracked him down to arrest him.

Scott Robertson (37) pinched the tree and over £100 worth of food and alcohol during his two-day crime spree.

Robertson, 168 Kersiebank Avenue, Grangemouth appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, having pled guilty to the thefts he committed at Asda in Grangemouth on December 8 and December 9 last year and behaving in threatening manner in Kerse Road, Grangemouth and en route to Falkirk police station on December 10, 2019.

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Procurator fiscal depute Liam McGuigan said: “The accused was informed he was under arrest in relation to shoplifting and began to act aggressively towards police.

Robertson stole a Christmas tree and food and alcohol from Asda in Grangemouth

“He attempted to head butt one officer but missed, saying ‘I will kill you – I will rip your heads off’. In the police vehicle his conduct continued and he kicked out at an officer, which caused the accused to fall into the cage area of the police vehicle.

“He then told officers ‘I will bite your nose off – I will eat you when I get out of here’.”

When he arrived at Falkirk police station he called officers “monkeys” and said he would “murder” them, stating he was going to bite their faces off.

“He kicked an officer on the leg,” said Mr McGuigan. “He then made sounds as if he was going to spit on officers and a spit hood was applied.”

Lynn Swan, defence solicitor, said: “He wasn’t particularly successful at kicking officers and fell over, allowing them to get him into the police vehicle. His brother and two of his close friends died – all of them trough drug misuse.

“He admitted jail doesn’t bother him – it’s almost a second home to him.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston sentenced Robertson to 180 days in prison back dated to December 11 last year.