Gun attack on car of killer Jamie Bain’s wife

A CAR belonging to an Edinburgh woman who married a notorious killer in jail has been blasted with a shotgun amid fears of a feud between the couple’s families.

Dionne Hendry. Picture: TSPL
Dionne Hendry. Picture: TSPL

The Range Rover, owned by Dionne Hendry, was left with a gaping hole below its number plate after it was hit during the attack at around 9.30pm on Saturday night.

A short while later, at around 10pm, another shot was heard in nearby Gilmerton Dykes Drive.

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In both attacks, neighbours heard a single shot before a motorbike sped off.

The car shows the shotgun impact. Picture: Toby Williams

Ms Hendry, 32, married Jamie Bain, 30, at a ceremony inside Shotts Prison in Lanarkshire in July.

Bain is serving a life sentence for the murder of former boxing champ Alex McKinnon in 2006.

It is believed the jail wedding may have reignited a bitter feud between the Bains and the Hendrys.

Sources said Bain was thought to have recruited enforcers from Lanarkshire to help him pursue the dispute while he serves his sentence.

Jamie Bain. Picture: TSPL

Dionne’s cousin, James Hendry, sent to prison earlier this year for killing a former soldier, was shot and wounded during a gun attack by Bain at the Marmion pub in Edinburgh, which left Mr McKinnon dead.

Bain had beaten up Ms Hendry just before the shooting and then went to the bar with a sawn-off shotgun, afraid he would be attacked by her family. The episode is thought to have sparked a long-running feud between the two families, which has endured for eight years.

Ms Hendry’s Range Rover was parked outside her home in The Murrays Brae in Edinburgh when the gunman opened fire at around 9.30pm on Saturday.

Neighbours have spoken of their terror following the shooting – the latest in a series to hit the south of the Capital and surrounding districts.

One resident said: “I heard what sounded like a single gunshot then the sound of a motorbike revving off. It’s terrifying.”

The shooting at a terraced home in the Capital’s Gilmerton Dykes happened minutes later.

One source said the incident could spark a rapid escalation in the feud between the two families.

They said: “This might still only be the beginning.

“This could easily escalate further and someone could get badly hurt or killed. Jamie Bain has said that money is all he cares about. He’s not bothered about who might get caught in the crossfire.”

No-one was injured in the latest incidents and police said inquiries were ongoing.