Family flee Braes home after alleged attack

A Braes family claim they have been forced to flee their home after being subjected to a 'living hell' by a nightmare neighbour.

Kevin Graham (34) and Cheryl Smith (30), who live in Main Street, Shieldhill say that for the past few years they and other residents in the street have endured a spate of antisocial behaviour incidents including damage to their properties and cars.

The latest act took place last week when pieces of monoblock were thrown through their living room window in what Kevin said was an unprovoked attack.

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“We have an eight year old girl and an eight week old baby and if that had hit one of them they could have been killed,” he said.

“We immediately phoned the police who were quick on the scene but one of the bits of monoblock actually landed where my baby’s Moses basket is and if she had been in it, well that doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

“There was broken glass all over the baby sheet. My mum, who is 65 was also in the house at the time and could have been hurt.

“That’s when I decided enough was enough and moved the family out of the house to go and stay with a relative.

“We can’t go on like this, living in fear and being subjected to torture by one individual. It’s like a living hell and something needs to be done before someone is seriously hurt.”

Kevin, a machine operative, is currently working with Forth Valley Police and his local councillor Gordon Hughes to try and find a solution to the issue.

He said: “I’m trying to do things right and going through all the right channels to try to put an end to all this. 
“The council has been really good and has offered to put shatterproof glass in our house but the only real solution to this is for the individual responsible for these vile acts to be moved away once and for all.

“Nobody should have to go through what we are going through. I believe around seven houses in the street have been targeted by this one individual.

“Yes we could move away but this is our family home and we are all settled here so why should we be the ones punished?”

Councillor Hughes said: “Kevin Graham recently contacted me and I immediately responded by getting in touch with the housing department.

“This matter is currently being investigated by housing and I am awaiting information on what the future action will be.”

Upper and Lower Braes Wards Community Sergeant Jim Dougall said: “I can confirm that police in Forth Valley received a report of a male smashing windows at a property in Main Street, Shieldhill, on November 19.

“Police were quickly on the scene and a 36 year old male from Shieldhill was arrested. He has been charged with various offences including two charges of culpable and reckless conduct. He appeared at court the next lawful day and was remanded in custody.

“Police are currently working in partnership with Falkirk Council housing department regarding this and other issues.”

Sergant Dougall urged anyone in the local community with concerns regarding anti-social behaviour to contact the police on 101 or get in touch with their local housing office