Falkirk train terror tells passengers: ‘I’m with the IRA – we give you two hours notice’

A substantial jail sentence awaits an offender who caused Falkirk High Railway Station to be evacuated with his reckless ranting about the “IRA” and “bombs”.

Kieran Denvir (46), from Northern Ireland, was heard to make frequent references to terrorist group the IRA in front of alarmed passengers, including women and children, on an evening Scotrail train between Glasgow Queen Street and Falkirk.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court earlier today Denvir had pled guilty to causing a breach of the peace by uttering bomb threats on the train on December 8 last year.

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Denvir, a hod carrier from Belfast, was using the pronouns “I” and “we” to refer to the IRA and was heard to say “they’re good lads”, the court heard.

His behaviour forced a woman with a 10-year-old child to asked him to moderate his language, while other passengers coaxed him into the vestibule area of the train away from the youngster.

Michael Maguire, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The accused made reference to British troops in Northern Ireland and said the IRA could teach Al Qaeda a thing or two about making bombs.”

The court heard Denvir told passengers: “I’m with the IRA. We give you two hours notice, we’ve always given you two hours notice, I’m giving you two hours notice.”

He added, “You should be thankful” and said there was a bomb, but didn’t specify its location.

One passenger rang 999, and when the train stopped at Falkirk High Station, Denvir asked two passengers who were also alighting to help him off the train with two large, heavy suitcases.

Mr Maguire said they repeatedly asked him what was in the suitcases, but he made no reply and began to cry.

The depute procurator fiscal said the “clearly concerned” passengers rang 999 again.

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Mr Maguire added: “Officers ordered the immediate evacuation of the train station and the surrounding area, causing some disruption to the railway.”

The station and Denvir’s property was searched, but no bomb was found and he was arrested.

Defence solicitor Willie McIntyre said: “He’s a big man. He works hard and drinks even harder. He was talking a lot of rubbish.”

Sheriff John Mundy deferred sentence until February 25 for reports and remanded Denvir in custody.

Sheriff Mundy stated: “I’m thinking of a custodial sentence – and it won’t be a short one.”