'˜Do the right thing': Grieving brother's plea to Maybury fatal crash thieves

A GRIEVING brother has made an emotional plea to the car thieves who caused the crash that killed his sibling to hand themselves in.

Callum Smith, pictured here with Jonathan, is appealing to the driver of the Audi A3 to hand themselves in

Speaking for the first time since the horror smash on Maybury Road that claimed the life of Jonathan Smith, Callum appeals for “closure” for his family.

Jonathan, 29, from East Craigs, died after his Peugeot 206 burst into flames when a stolen Audi A3 forced a family’s BMW X5 to swerve into him at 12.30am on May 25.

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“It’s difficult to put into words what happened to our family that day,” Callum, 25, told the Evening News. “Our world and lives have changed forever and not for the better.

“We lost our son and brother, we’re all struggling to find a way forward and it’s difficult to see how we will manage to do that.”

Police have launched a massive manhunt after the stolen A3 was found later the same day in Cowdenbeath. It was stolen on April 17 from a house in Liberton and officers are trying to piece together where it was in the month in 

“There are people in our communities who will know who was involved in this tragedy, a mum, a dad, brothers, sisters, friends,” said Callum.

“To them I would ask that if something so devastating were to happen to your family what would you want to happen? I pray nothing so horrific happens to any other family.”

And Callum talked of the devastating impact the crash has had on his family, including brother Gaven, 21, and little sister Aimee, 11.

“Somewhere the person responsible for this will be sitting with his family safe and secure surrounded by those who love them.

“We will never have this ever again with Jonathan, he has been ripped from our lives forever.

“To that person I would ask only this, as you sit there with your family and those who love and care for you, all we want is answers as to why this had to happen to our family, you can give us a piece of 

As the hunt for those responsible continues, Jonathan’s family have been left to prepare for his funeral and maintain a shrine in his memory on Maybury Road.

Mum Ellen McDaid said: “Well, my son has been given back to me now. I’ll never see him, touch him or even hear his voice.

“He will never enter my house, his home, but I will get to sit in a room with a closed casket. That will be my farewell, my last words, my chance to say I’m sorry I couldn’t help him.

“I’ve watched over my four children every day. I’ve always been a very protective mother.

“I can’t understand what happened. I guarded them with my life. I thought I was doing a good job. Now I ask myself every minute of every day what do I have to do to keep my other three safe?

“I’m now scared of the dark, scared to close my eyes at night, worried sick I get a another knock on the door.”

Anyone with information regarding the May 25 crash can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.