Dad violently assaulted in front of five-year-old son in Falkirk

A drunken thug wrecked a man's car then head butted and kicked him repeatedly as the victim's five-year-old son looked on in horror.
Ward smashed windows in two cars with the same concrete blockWard smashed windows in two cars with the same concrete block
Ward smashed windows in two cars with the same concrete block

Father-of-six Paul Ward (44) smashed vehicles belonging to his ex and her new partner and then attacked the man when he came outside with his child.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Ward admitted assault and damaging property in Alexander Avenue, Falkirk on May 27.

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Procurator fiscal depute Samantha Brown said: “The accused threw a slab of concrete through the rear window of the male complainer’s car. He picked up the same piece of concrete and threw it through the other windows of the car.

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“He then threw it through the rear window of his ex-partner’s car.”

When the male complainer emerged at the front of the house with his five-year-old son, Ward turned his attention to him.

“The accused shouted ‘you’re dead’,” said the procurator fiscal depute. “And walked straight up to him and head butted him. The complainer fell to the ground, but managed to push the five-year-old out of the way.

“The accused began to repeatedly kick the complainer to the body, continuing to make threats, shouting ‘you’re dead’ and said he was going to burn the complainer’s house down.”

The complainer was left with bruising and swelling to his head and a scraped arm.

The court heard Ward handed himself into Falkirk Police Station on May 29.

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His 15-year relationship with the woman came to an end eight years ago and the couple had four children together.

Murray Aitken, defence solicitor, said Ward also has two children under the age of five with his current partner and operated his own gas engineer business. He said there had been difficulties between Ward and his ex-partner before the incident.

Sheriff John Mundy fined Ward £750 to be paid at £200 a month and ordered him to complete 150 hours unpaid work in six months.