9 Scots locations that could be UNESCO World Heritage sites according to Scotsman readers

Scotland has six UNESCO world heritage sites, but as we boast even more rich heritage and awe-inspiring scenery could we be recognised for even more in future?

There are 6 World Heritage Sites in Scotland, these include St Kilda, Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns, New Lanark, the Antonine Wall, the Heart of Neolithic Orkney and most recently the Forth Bridge.

As Nature Scot puts it, a World Heritage site is recognised as such for being “an area with natural and/or cultural heritage of outstanding universal value” and Scotland has no shortage of sites that represent tremendous cultural and historical significance which is why it has earned other UNESCO nominations previously.

After we asked you, our Scotsman readers, ‘What Scottish sites do you think deserve UNESCO status?’ you offered a wealth of responses that we’ve compiled into the following.

Here are 9 Scottish locations that could be UNESCO World Heritage Sites according to Scotsman readers.