Scotland in Winter: 10 ‘Most Picturesque’ winter destinations in Scotland ranked in new list including Fife, Stirling and Skye

New research has uncovered the top 10 most picturesque Winter locations in Scotland, featuring gorgeous towns and villages in locations including Fife, Stirling, Skye and Orkney.

To help people make a decision on where to go for their Winter breaks, radiator specialists at Stelrad have created a list of the 10 most picturesque Scottish destinations to head to this season.

They defined the ranking based on the total number of Instagram posts about the locations using hashtag data to create a full list of 50 gorgeous winter wonderland locations across the UK. Their research revealed that Newburgh in Fife is the best place in Scotland to go this Winter if you want some stunning scenery as, according to their data, there are over 260,000 posts on Instagram related to the parish in Fife.

Christmas in Scotland is just around the corner and fortunately for us gorgeous locations and festive atmosphere are in abundant supply, so here are the 10 most picturesque winter destinations to travel to in Scotland this year.